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Just a quick update. I was in the office this morning to sign documents and also shoot our upcoming episode of Monday Night Chat, which we will air this coming Monday.

Nadirah was on hand as cameraman and director, Tania will be editing the video later. Just to inform my readers, Monday Night Chat will only be aired on a fortnightly basis or once every two weeks, due to the fact that my office is currently shorthanded as Abigail is on study sabbatical. When Abigail rejoins, we will go back to a weekly program.

Have a good weekend everyone and I want to wish all a Happy Ramadhan.

I would also like to put on record for my Kelana Jaya constituents that I am also a “stupid” MP, like YB Rafizi Ramli and YB Dr Jayakumar (PSM, Sungai Siput), as I have not used my car AP to buy an expensive foreign import car. Not that it pertains to anything, of course.

My wife and I are happy with our two normal cars. I have just one car, a 3 year old Honda CRV, which my wife drives. My wife has one car, an 8 year old Suzuki Swift, which I drive. I have been told by my lovely wife that this arrangement is the norm in a Malaysian marriage.


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