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In Memory of Mr. Panir

I just came back from the funeral rites of Panir Periyasamy, a long time supporter of PKR. He was a resident of Block 2 Desa Mentari, an urban poor zone (where Sister Stella tuition is situated). Panir died of complications from diabetes (this is a very common illness for the urban poor) and he had to endure amputations the previous months. His last rites were performed at the ground floor of the low cost flats, surrounded by graffiti.

He came to our office a few times last year, asking for support and we did help him cover some of his medical costs. He also came to see us mid last year to ask if we could fund a project to build a small hall for the Indian community. The multi-purpose hall that he suggested will also be used to perform Hindu last rites. We told him that the MP office has insufficient allocation for such a project (RM30,000 estimate).

Standing there with the community at his funeral, I realised that I have failed him on his request for a hall. The RM30,000 project is way too expensive for my tiny budget of RM100,000 a year for the entire population of Seri Setia. But my office has proven to be able to raise money from donors, both from corporations and individuals. Last year, with help from donors, we raised RM90,000 to rebuild staircases in Desaria.

For this year, I pledge to make an attempt to get the necessary money to build this hall, in the memory of Mr. Panir.


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