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In Solidarity with Anwar Ibrahim

I was in Putrajaya for Anwar Ibrahim”s judicial review. Sri Ram was presenting his case to the 5 judges. Earlier the police tried to stop YB Manivanan and myself from entering the court building. We had to argue that as Parliamentarians we have full access to federal government buildings. The police relented as we continued to walk in. Having cleared the barricades set up outside, and the police sentry inside, we made our way to the court room. I finally managed to have a chat with Anwar around 9.30 am. He is gaunt and had lost a lot of weight. But he greeted me warmly with a smile and said not to worry.

There is a crowd of about 1,000 suppprters outside the court. MPs from Keadilan, DAP and Amanah are here. My staff and interns also took the morning off to be here.


The morning ended with the case adjourned to a later date. Kak Wan went out to deliver a rousing speech to thank supporters and ask them to be patient and keep praying.



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