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INVOKE CPI is Online

After about one month of work, we launched INVOKE CPI last night via a FB livestream.

INVOKE CPI is a social enterprise think tank and it will introduce public policy issues on a regular basis. Last night, Louise was the organiser and MC. Tania and Nadirah completed their policy papers on oil & gas, and public housing respectively.

Rafizi Ramli and I are the principals of INVOKE CPI. We basically meet on a regular basis to discuss policies. We also invite on an ad hoc basis other lawmakers and advisors. My officers and interns will then be given research tasks. My math guy, Wyhow will aid with stats and data modeling.

We launched last night on a hot topic of employment opportunity discrimination at the work place, both public and private sectors. By a stroke of good luck, famed academic Dr.Lee Hwok Aun turned up and joined us on stage as a panelist. The event was attended by 50 supporters including YB Hannah Yeoh and was followed live by 18,000 viewers.


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