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INVOKE Malaysia: Strategic Partnership Programme

INVOKE Malaysia invited senior Pakatan Harapan leaders to their first big event last night. INVOKE presented an offer of support to potential GE14 candidates who agree to 3 basic principles. INVOKE will support any candidate from Pakatan Harapan who subscribe to (a) structural reforms, (b) clean politics including asset declaration and (c) commit to good public service perfomance (KPI) if elected to office.

In other words, INVOKE will support non corrupt, hard working and reformist minded politicians from Pakatan Harapan.


Kak Wan and Dato Husam of Amanah spoke. The crowd was briefed about INVOKE activities by the young volunteers. INVOKE is making progress on all fronts and we should be going into full mobilisation by mid November. My office will continue to help INVOKE to develop and refine the system in the coming weeks and months.



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