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June 2014 Parliamentary Questions

I have just submitted my Parliamentary questions for the June 2014 session. Below are my fifteen questions:

Oral Questions

1) Ask the Prime Minister to state: a) Is Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) a valid organization under the Societies Act 1966; and b) Has ISMA ever received any funds, support, or payments from the government?

2) Ask the Transport Minister to state: a) The amount spent on the search and rescue operation of MH370 b) The amount that will be spent until the plane is found seeing as the Australian government will spend AUD 89.9 million (RM 272 million).

3) Ask the Transport Minister to state: a) What is the length and real cost of building the ERL link between KLIA and KLIA2 and; b) What is the projected annual income from this link.

4) Ask the Prime Minister to state what is the BN government’s philosophy, policy, and position regarding nationalization and expropriation in view of its willingness to invoke Section 114 of WASIA that could affect investment in Malaysia.

5) Ask the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to state the legal process that must be followed if the state of Kelantan wishes to implement hudud law and does this process needs a 2/3 vote in Parliament.

6) Ask the Minister of Communication and Multimedia to state if the Ministry has carried out its own tests on Internet speed in Malaysia, and if yes when was this test carried out, and if no why is the Ministry sceptical of the results of the 2014 OOKLA test that revealed extremely unsatisfactory Internet speeds in Malaysia.

7) Ask the Minister of Communication and Multimedia to state the number of dropped calls that occurred in 2013 and what is the estimated additional profit gained by TELCO companies from these dropped calls.

8) Ask the Minister of Communication and Multimedia to state: a) The formula and method of calculating the RM 1.2 million fine imposed on TELCO companies; and b) Is the RM 1.2 million returned to TELCO users?

9) Ask the Minister of Home Affairs to state if the Bumiputera equity requirements can be set aside for non-Malay ex-army and police personnel to start their own security firms? If not, why.

10) Ask the Minister of Home Affairs to state the type of visa issued to the Iranian national arrested in the operation that took place from 11-12 May 2014 in connection with drug dealing.

Written Answers

1) Ask the Minister of Tourism to state: a) Why the number of tourist arrivals in Malaysia has remained and not exceeded past 25 million a year from 2011-2013; and b) What is the amount spent by the government to promote tourism in Malaysia from 2011-2013.

2) Ask the Minister of Tourism to state: a) The total arrivals of tourists from January-May 2014 b) The estimated drop in tourist arrival receipts related to the MH370 incident.

3) Ask the Minister of Health to state in detail its plan to fulfill Malaysia’s 6th Millennium Development Goal of halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS seeing as there has been a recent increase in HIV infections among the 20 – 30 year age group in Malaysia.

4) Ask the Minister of Transport to state the estimated date of completed construction for all MRT stations in the Kelana Jaya Parliamentary area.

5) Ask the Ministry of Education to give a detailed status report and if all necessary paperwork has been sent to the Health Ministry to allow land owned by the Education Ministry (PT 9375) to be taken over for the construction of the Subang Jaya health clinic.


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