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KESAS Highway Safety

Hello there! Nadirah here, YB Wong Chen’s Research Officer, reporting for duty.

Just this morning, Tania, our intern, and I represented the office alongside YB Hannah Yeoh to discuss about the road safety of the KESAS highway. This is in response to an unfortunate accident in late December 2015, which had resulted in the death of a cyclist.

Representatives from the Malaysia Masters Cycling Association, KESAS, MPSJ, and the police have attended the meeting to find a way to prevent accidents like these from happening again. Temporary fixes such as more traffic signs were given, while long-term solutions include building either a tunnel or a flyover for motorcyclists and cyclists alike.

YB Hannah and our office will also be appealing to the relevant authorities to produce annual safety audit reports for the purpose of road safety evaluations.

On behalf of the office, we would like to thank all the parties involved for working together towards safer roads. Hopefully a permanent, more effective solution could be found soon.

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