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Khairuddin’s Personal Sacrifices

Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Haji kepada semua.

I am in now in Singapore. Since I was driving and hanging out with the family most of yesterday, this morning, I just read the article on Khairuddin, the UMNO guy who went around the world filing police reports on Najib.

Well, Khairuddin has now been re-arrested under SOSMA, the Act that replaced the ISA. He is now being detained without trial for 30 days.

SOSMA is a law passed in Parliament for the purpose of fighting grave national security threats. For instance the Lahad Datu invasion can be classified as a SOSMA matter. But how can filing corruption reports overseas against Najib, an individual, be considered a national security threat? Khairuddin did not wage war on Malaysia, he filed corruption complaints against Najib.

The implication of Najib’s latest action is not just ridiculous but also extremely alarming and constitute a gross abuse of power. By locking up Khairuddin, Najib has shown a new willingness to abuse the powers of detention without trial.

Therefore this Hari Raya Haji, please send special wishes and prayers to Khairuddin’s family for the personal sacrifices Khairuddin made.


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