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KL Society Discourse Series

I have a relatively busy day today. My office is finalising our newsletter; we publish one every 6 months. We will also be publishing our mid year accounts; as part of our practice of full transparency and accountability.

I have two scheduled meetings, the first at 10 am, followed by another at 12.

We are also preparing 15 Parliamentary questions, these need to be submitted two weeks before the Parliament sitting on 13th July.

However the bulk of the work for the next five days is preparing notes for a nine part lecture series on economics and public policy. These lectures will be for our incoming interns. We have four interns joining us for the summer, starting next Monday. Next Monday our office will resume a five day week, from our current three day.

Later tonight, I will be taking part as a panelist on a zoom web seminar on unemployment and Covid-19 organised by the KL Society.

Details of the talk are as follow:

“KL Society Discourse Series (KL Society for International Affairs)

Time: 8pm to 9.30pm

No money, no job. Ayo, macam mana?!

Pivoting unemployment and impacts of Covid-19: Conversations with YB Wong Chen and Datuk Wira Dr. Hj Rais Husin

This discourse series will tackle issues of growing unemployment in Malaysia. The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted economies worldwide, in Malaysia, unemployment rate has climbed up to 5 percent in April this year, the highest since 1990 and is expected to go up in the coming months. The pandemic has impacted the Malaysian economy and the number of unemployed persons has ballooned to 778,800 in April.

We hope the discourse series would be able to address important issues regarding the looming economic recession and the Malaysia’s stimulus packages announced by the government in Prihatin and Penjana, as well as future of the employment and the Malaysian economy during and post-pandemic era.”

To register for the above:


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