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Launch of the new Parliament building and meeting with AMCHAM

Good afternoon. I had a two hour meeting with executives from American businesses attached to the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. I talked about my new committee on International Relations and Trade and how we can help each other to improve investments and trade in Malaysia.

Yesterday, I was at the launch of a new building in Parliament. This building will have around 60 offices for MPs to share. We have 222 MPs, so you can imagine why the new building which was designed back in 2016 during BN rule, is still inadequate. Prior to this building, we were probably the only Parliament in the world that had no office space for MPs, and now we have some but still inadequate office space for MPs.

I also had a flood of visitors (40 to 50 persons) for service night last night. A law firm in Puchong has closed office for more than 10 days and the clients suspect the lawyer may have absconded with their money. Multiple police reports and complaints have been filed.

My office attended to my constituents but a whatsapp message that went viral drew in a big crowd of complainants from Kajang, Seputeh, Rawang, PJ and Damansara. They all descended into my office for help.

We did two sessions of briefings on the matter since there were some many complainants. This morning my officers followed up on the case and sought the advice and assistance from my friend Dato Desmond, who is a senior lawyer. We will issue an advisory and guidance note on the matter very soon.


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