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Life in Quarantine

Good morning. I did my once a week shopping at 8.30 am. It still took me an hour. I think going forward, I will try to do twice a week but for shorter half hour periods.

There has been a lot of talk/jokes on the haircut issue. I think MITI has to re-engage the business sector, this time properly. What are truly “essential” goods and services?

This haircut policy sounds like it came from someone in power, who needed a haircut. And what is more crazy, is the fact that an overwhelming majority of the barbers and hairdressers are against it. So to whom did the government talked to, before implementing this.

In my home, I do the haircuts. I tried it on my son and then ventured to cut my wife’s hair. The key point is to watch the internet, use a thinning scissors (much more forgiving to mistakes) and take your time. The only problem is, nobody cuts my hair.


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