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MAS Bill: Protecting Suppliers

Breaking news to the MAS bill. This morning the government snuck in a committee stage amendment to the MAS bill. The amendment essentially protects the current suppliers of MAS and allows them to continue at the same rate. This will allow RM40 nasi lemak to continue.

Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar is debating that what makes him most unhappy on the matter is that every time he boards an airplane, security will search him by hand. Bung is angry because in other countries they use electronic scanner. He says he is sensitive to people touching him. MAS has lost billions and this BN MP’s main debate point is he doesn’t want security to touch his body. God save Malaysia!

Here is the picture of the foul committee stage amendment. This amendment will continue to make sure that Brahim, Badawi’s brother and Khairy Jamaluddin’s uncle will continue to supply MAS with overpriced food. All Pakatan Rakyat MPs must fight this amendment.


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