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Meeting The People

A busy day of meetings with constituents and NGOs. Due to my Public Accounts Committee work and frequent official trips overseas, my officers have been instructed to set aside a full workday just for meetings.

Today I met Mr. Low and Encik Zairulnizam from the American Football association (yes, there is one in KL), Cindy and Datin Rosalind of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, Kaylee, an American lady promoting a peace education program for students, representatives from PJS 7 Sri Subramaniar temple, a frustrated and angry father who cannot get citizenships for his three children, a mother and son seeking welfare support, Puan Suziana a fire victim who came to receive our financial support, and Mr. Yeoh a fresh computer graduate and a St John volunteer, wanting to revamp the ambulance system.

There were also lots of administrative matters and letters to deal with.

Tomorrow we will be making a big announcement on all our community projects for Parliament Subang.

At the start of this fiscal year, my office had a mission target to allocate/complete all community projects before 30th September (Q3 2019). We are happy to note that we will definitely meet that target.

Completing the projects early by end September, will enable my officers to focus on the national budget debates (which starts in October till November) and also to do our year end reports and accounts in December.

So starting tomorrow, we will be disclosing, one project per day, for all of the 81 projects undertaken and funded by my office this year.

These disclosures serve two purposes, one is to maintain our commitment to transparency and accountability, and second is to showcase/credit and thank my officers, volunteers and interns who worked very hard on these projects. No politician should take credit for the work that they actually managed and completed. I am merely there as a trustee to these community funds, ensuring the money is allocated fairly.


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