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meeting with expert civil engineers regarding subang flash flood

16th of August – We have just completed our meeting with expert civil engineers, Mr Hoo and Mr Naicker. To summarise; the engineers need access to the following data from MPSJ:

1. Definitive locations where the floods happened. 2. Flood levels of these locations. The flood levels need to be measured relative to fixed points. 3. Drainage layout drawings of these locations. 4. Historical information on the frequency of these flashflood locations.

We are also in constant touch with YB Michelle, who is on the ground. We have also contacted several MPSJ councillors. YB Michelle will be coordinating the MPSJ activities and an MPSJ briefing has been set for Tuesday next week. My volunteer engineers will be providing advisory and second opinion to MPSJ actions in the coming days.

As for victims of the flood, you can visit my office for information. Alternatively you can meet my volunteer lawyers who will be in my office at 8 pm, next Wednesday night (21st August) to answer your legal queries.


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