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I had a busy day in office. I had a 9 am meeting with Jack Lim from American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), then meetings with several constituents, KK, Barani, Puan Hajar. Then I had a lunch meeting with Major Ismail (Rtd) to talk about Rukun Tetangga, followed by a meeting with Mr Koh, from a think tank. Charles from the Taipei cultural office also dropped by for a chat. Lastly, I had a phone conference call with The Economist. So a total of 7 meetings and a call today.

Am currently at home for an hour and will be going out soon to have dinner with the Tanzanian Ambassador and my visiting friends from Tanzania. Tomorrow, I will be going to Parliament to have a meeting with the Speaker, Tan Sri Ariff on matters regarding the committee for International Relations and Trade.

By the way, the earlier post to raise money for Viviene’s operation has been met! Thank you everyone for the fantastic contribution and special thanks to Ivan and Oscar (close friends of Edward and Viviene) who organised the fund raising. Since the fundraising target has been met, I have taken down the said posting.


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