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Monday Blues in Parliament

25 November 2019

We had a defence white paper briefing at lunch. Otherwise, a quiet day in Parliament. It is also a wet and grey day. There is a lot of side political meetings between MPs.

Yesterday, I had a private lunch with Captain Wan Hock Leong and family. Captain Wan had served diligently and honestly for two terms as a councillor in MPSJ.

A month ago, his son Benjamin married Nyza and I could only drop by for 10 minutes to wish the couple all the best. That being the case, I invited them to lunch yesterday to make good my super rushed presence at their wedding.

The happy couple have just returned from their honeymoon in Egypt! It was also good to catch up on stories and news from Capt Wan and his lovely wife, Ivy. For instance, I learnt that Capt is actually a very good cook and an expert on Melaka nyonya food.


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