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More Talk of Reform

06 November 2019

I am at KLIA, waiting to catch the 5pm flight to Thailand. I had more fiscal policy meetings this morning. After all this is the budget session. My officer Dhinaa and intern Eun met Anwar at the MP lounge. They had been reading up on the history of Anwar, about the trauma he had to go through in 1998 and also his last incarceration in 2015. They had wanted to meet him and ask about the courage and perseverance needed to continue to fight for reforms.

Then I had a lunch meeting with Deputy Speaker Nga to discuss Parliamentary reforms. This is a follow up to my meeting with Tan Sri Speaker yesterday on the same topic. Then I had a post lunch meeting with some corporate people, all concerned about the lack of political direction. There is a sense that we are stuck in a time warp. I will be mostly offline in Thailand but will post from time to time, when free.


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