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MPs on Rohingya Crisis

Today in Parliament things are a bit slow. RMK11 is still being debated. I debated on RMK11 on the 1st day so there isn’t much to do but to wait for Ministers’ replies on Wednesday and Thursday.

This morning we had a special briefing for MPs on the Rohingya crisis. We had two representatives of the Rohingya community along with NGOs engaging us. About 15 Pakatan Rakyat MPs joined the discussion.

I wrote two days ago that Pakatan Rakyat may end but there is a solid group of MPs from PKR, PAS and DAP that are committed to fight injustice, and for that grouping, we don’t need a label. Today proves that come what may, we will continue to discharge our duties diligently.


Roundtable discussion with two Rohingya refugees and NGOs


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