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Call for Assistance for Mrs. Subbamma

Two weeks ago, Mrs Subbamma came into my office seeking funds to kick start her small business. She wants to make confectioneries and sell them around the Subang Jaya area. However, she is seriously struggling to find the capital and my yearly community allocation has been fully exhausted.

Mrs Subbamma became a single mother when her husband passed away 12 years ago. She has an 18 year old son who is currently looking to enroll in university. As the sole breadwinner, Mrs Subbamma understands her responsibilities and wants to be able to provide for her family by starting this business. I believe she is a tough single mother who is showing good initiative.

Since my office is unable to provide her the assistance, my staff has instead helped her come up with a simple business plan for the purpose of acquiring a RM 4,000 loan from those who are willing to help.

I believe it is important to cultivate financial skills rather than create a culture that relies on free handouts and that is why I have chosen to turn to the public in the hopes that someone will be able to provide her a loan that will be fully paid back.

The details of how she will spend this money is listed in the business plan which can be seen more clearly here:

Please do not hesitate to contact my staff Timothy at if you have any questions.


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