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My “Frenemies”, Azalina and Nur Jazlan

Azalina and I get along in Parliament, as we are both lawyers and blunt in our approach and the way we speak. I enjoy her company and sarcasm but we agree to disagree on most things. She also did help out one of my constituents, a 10-year-old boy with heart disease by providing free vitamins from a pharmaceutical company she chairs.

In the recent cabinet reshuffle she returns to a ministerial post. Congrats Aza!

However, her statement defending Najib’s RM2.6 billion deposit is refreshingly blunt, even by her standards. I am not exactly sure if she is doing any favours to Najib.

Besides Azalina, here is another “frenemy” (friendly enemy) of mine in Parliament, Nur Jazlan.

Nur Jazlan is definitely smart and has the capacity for critical thinking, possibly the best of his generation of UMNO leaders, (better than Khairy in my humble opinion). His brother was in Warwick University same time as me. We also shared views on the investment panel Income Tax bill. In short, he knows his stuff.

In my view, it is rather unfortunate that he has taken up the Deputy Home Minister post. He would have been hailed a national hero, if he had declined. The decision was his to make and he will have to answer for that. I shall miss him in the backbench and am looking forward to grilling him as a Deputy Minister.


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