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My Monday This week

17 December 2019

I had a semi busy day yesterday and have a busier one today. I was in the office in early morning to meet the AJK of a mosque but the meeting was cancelled.

So instead, I spent the morning with my interns, lecturing on a variety of policies. Then I rushed off to a Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia meeting on the US-China Trade War. I met a few economic envoys from China at the talk.

The trade war may be slowing down but it is expected to resume after US elections in November 2020. My committee on International Relations and Trade will be focusing a lot of our time on this trade war, RCEP and APEC next year.

Today I will continue my lecture on policies to interns up to 11 am. Then I have meetings with a group of finance and banking people and also a former diplomat. I am also hosting a policy dinner meeting tonight.

Overall, the office is busy in the midst of preparing our end of year report, accounts and plans for 2020. Since Dhinaa will be leaving the office, there is also a lot of transfer and transition of work things to do. There is also other human resources and finance stuff to sort out, I have to advance money to the office, approve pay, bonuses and clear work leave.

We will close office for the year next Monday on 23rd December, so that all officers can clear their annual leave. I will be taking about a 10 day holiday with the family. We will drive down and stay six days in Singapore, since my wife has an apartment there. Then go the very opposite direction and drive up and stay for 4 days in Penang.


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