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Now Whose Fault Is It, I Wonder?

Good morning. Am at Rafizi Ramli‘s NFC cowgate trial at Shah Alam Sessions court. Bank Negara is trying to jail Rafizi for allegedly disclosing the NFC Shahrizat Lembu scandal. Whereas Zeti did not expedite this matter, the current bank governor Muhammad Ibrahim seems keen to pursue the case.

When he was appointed as bank governor in 2016, most of us thought that he was Zeti’s pick and not Najib’s. I had my reservations even back then. Before his appointment as bank governor, he was deputy governor for 2 terms. Guess who appointed him?

The Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009, expressly states that while the King appoints the bank governor, the appoinment of the deputy governor is in fact done directly by the Finance Minister. In 2010 and again in 2013, it was Najib who directly appointed Muhammad Ibrahim. Now, he is bank negara governor.

Today Rafizi is in court facing another jail term, all thanks to Bank Negara’s new boss. It is one thing to tutup file and do nothing on 1MDB, it is a new low to pursue this matter. As for the people who lost all the money, the Cow Condo scandal saw Shahrizat’s husband acquitted of all crimes in 2015.


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