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One More Week Of Parliament To Go!

28 November 2019

Good morning from Parliament. The session started with a question from YB Fahmi (PKR Lembah Pantai) to YB Mat Sabu, minister of defence. YB Mat Sabu answered the question on the six McDonnel Douglas helicopters paid (RM112 m) but not delivered by the BN government, when Hishamuddin (UMNO Sembrong) was defence minister.

Mat Sabu explained that he has already briefed the prime minister on this issue. He also briefed the prime minister on the issue of the controversial land swaps by Hishamuddin involving RM4.7 billion in value. YB Mat Sabu also answered that the MACC have been fully informed on both cases.

The onus is now on the prime minister to take appropriate actions, such as cancelling the helicopter deal and sue for the return of money paid, plus renegotiate the land swaps. More importantly, the MACC needs to act now. The MACC should do it job professionally, without fear or favour, without political interference from the executive, and investigate thoroughly and promptly both scandals.

At the back of everyone’s mind is the deep worry arising from many recent backdoor meetings between Hishamuddin (UMNO Sembrong) and some senior ministers from Pakatan Harapan.

The budget 2020 was approved and passed at 6.35 pm. Next Monday, we return to debate a few more bills, including the IPCMC. One more week to go.


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