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P104 Family Portraits Project: Snap Snap!

Phew, what a Saturday! Tania here, with news of today’s excitement: our Family Portraits project for the urban-poor!

From 11a.m. to 2p.m., our mighty project crew knocked on the doors Block 3, Desa Mentari and Taman Desaria, bringing wide smiles and professional gear to the homes of fellow Malaysians.

Though most had only met each other for the first time this morning, our solid crew of 11 photographers and 26 volunteers covered a grand total of 100 (ONE HUNDRED!) families.

We’re sure the families had a grand and rather different start to their Saturdays; and our office is incredibly thankful to every single volunteer for taking time off to serve the community we often overlook.

These portraits will be post-processed, printed, framed, and gifted to the families—so stay tuned for more exciting news then!

Speaking of which, you can still partake in this project by helping to fund these photo-gifts. We estimate the total cost to be RM2,000. (100 families will receive 2 portraits each; each 6R-sized portrait will cost RM10 to print and frame.)

We’re truly thankful to Mr. Khoo for his generous donation of RM1,000 in memory of Tan Hong Leng, his late wife. If you too would like to contribute towards the balance needed, please email me at (Yes, our community spending is still frozen.)


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