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PAC Meeting

15th of July – Good morning from Parliament. This morning, the Public Accounts Committee is receiving a full briefing by the Auditor General office, regarding their latest set of reports.

Overall financial management of all ministries are rated good to excellent. The top three ministries (ranked excellent) for best financial management are 1. Ministry of Domestic Trade, 2. Ministry Home Affairs, 3. Ministry of Environment. The bottom three (ranked good) are 1. Ministry of Transport, 2. Ministry of Finance, 3. Ministry of Defence.

There are also a few financial scandals in a few ministries.

In addition, today is also the day the PAC report on the stolen RM19.4 billion allegations, will be tabled to Parliament. This inquiry had 10 hearings, 4 briefings and 4 housekeeping meetings. The matter took 10 months of solid work. In truth, the matter could have been resolved much earlier but became entangled in political posturings. However, I am just glad that the matter is now over and done with.


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