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Parliament Stories 2015

Day 3 of Parliament

My respect for Minister Nancy Shukri has just plummeted to a new low. She says that Shafee was appointed to be prosecutor to avoid people criticising the government. This kind of logic is totally Orwellian. She also said that Shafee was paid only RM1,000 for his legal services, an unbelievable sum. On the roadshow, she admitted that the government paid for the first roadshow and that subsequent roadshows were on NGO requests.

Day 4 of Parliament

The Deputy Foreign Minister Hamzah Zainuddin describes China as an aggressive nation in the South China Sea and calls on ASEAN to be united against this aggression. This undiplomatic position is shocking, maybe he needs to be reminded by the Minister of International Trade that China is Malaysia’s no.1 trading partner. Also is this a departure from Malaysian long-standing foreign policy of being friends with all?

The deputy minister also answered 10 questions from MPs with one answer. Basically, he lumped all questions with the word “ASEAN” into one mega question and gives one answer, thus avoiding answering anything specific.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance also “answered” my question by lumping it with another question on financial sabotage. His answer completely ignored my question.

Day 5 of Parliament

Najib made a special appearance in Parliament this morning to answer a BN question and then quickly cabut. Lucky for him because we just released a press statement that he has just purchased a new private jet.


Day 6 of Parliament

MCA MP of Tebrau Khoo Soo Seang took on the UEC issue and attacked DAP. He challenged DAP to answer his charges, yet he refused DAP MPs the right to reply. It is the craziest moment so far this year in Parliament.

Since there were no other MCA MPs in the dewan, and some 10 DAP MPs present, UMNO backbenchers came to help the hapless Khoo.


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