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Parliament is like Game of Thrones

Parliament is like Game of Thrones.

Today we saw BN Sabah and Sarawak MPs feeling the heat from these draconian laws. In particular an illustration in the Sedition Act amendment about secession of a state from Malaysia (see picture).

In a most bizarre development, Bung Mokhtar of Kinabatangan swung to help us to force the government to pull back the Criminal Procedure Code. Then Setiu an UMNO die-hard, agreed that some of the amendments are not acceptable. He should know, he was formerly a sessions court judge. The really big question is which UMNO camp is he on?

Throw into the mix is Tan Sri Pandikar, the Speaker who has to uphold the Parliamentary Standing Orders and he is a dignified and proud Speaker. We note that he too is from Sabah.

Outside the hall, Ku Li says he is willing to work with Dr M. Inside the hall, Pakatan Rakyat chief whips are trying to persuade Home Minister Zahid Hamidi to withdraw the Sedition Act amendments. Will Zahid dare make a stand different from Najib and withdraw the bill? Will he instead prove his loyalty to Najib? Even as Khairy Jamaluddin seems to waver by saying Najib must answer Dr M’s allegations.

The canteen in Parliament is buzzing with plots. Inside the hall, Pakatan Rakyat MPs are fighting to defend the last legs of democracy.


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