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Parliament: Sedition Act

Things are not going well. As we try to counter-amend, BN are voting on bloc against us.

I will be presenting clause 7 seeking to get it withdrawn completely. Clause 7 is extremely notorious because it is an attempt by BN to declare war on our youth of 18 to 21 years old. Whoever drafted this bill is a completely heartless first-class idiot.

Clause 7 removes the power of judges to grant youthful offenders and first-time offenders some leniency and free them. If the bill passes 18 to 21 years old can be locked up for a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 20 years.


My appeal for fair sentencing for youthful offenders fell on deaf ears. BN voted to punish youths. I was so angry I walked out of the Dewan. The idiots can’t care less. And I suspect that at 2 am, most BN MPs are unaware and have resorted to blind loyalty vote.

I caught the law minister and (unfairly) berated her. I asked her how can this clause be allowed, under her watch. For God’s sake this is about our children, it is not politics. Come after the Pakatan MPs with a hammer if you want, but give the youth and our children justice. She said she was not consulted on the matter. She was genuinely perplexed.

This is a very very low point in Malaysian Parliamentary history.


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