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Parliamentary Debate on Refugee Crisis

Today’s debates are all focusing on the refugee crisis since the anti-human trafficking bill is being debated.

Earlier the UNHCR briefed Pakatan Rakyat MPs at lunch in PKR’s Parliamentary office. We were given facts and figures. Wan Azizah then gave an impassioned maiden speech on the matter and reiterated what UNHCR said that they will be no extra costs to rescuing the refugees.

I was somewhat surprised and impressed by the positions taken by Padang Besar MP Zahidi Zainul Abidin (UMNO), whose constituency is a hotspot of human smuggling activities.

He has seen first-hand the sufferings. He demands rescue without condition. He wants to know why the police have failed to catch the Malaysian ringleaders. He also said that Najib is a respected leader and Chairman in ASEAN, but he has not done anything. He said it is embarrassing that Thailand and Philippines have done much more.


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