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Personal Advice to the Current Prime Minister

Parliament will not sit on 9th March but instead will be deferred to 18th May 2020. Does the new prime minister need an extra 70 days to get his government into shape? A good and organised prime minister will call Parliament to sit as soon as possible, and no later than end of March, to show that he has consolidated power and thus legitimacy to rule. Deferring Parliament for so long, is a clear sign of weakness. Good luck to him.

I also understand that cracks are already appearing as horse trading for ministerial positions are not going smoothly. That’s what you get when some of your senior partners are also internationally famous kleptocrats.

My only advice to the new prime minister is to appoint a cabinet based on merit and ability. The prime minister has two most urgent and important duties; (a) to stabilise the economy and market and, (b) get a handle on the Covid 19 crisis.


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