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Community Dialogue with PJS10 Community

Last Monday, I went to PJS10 to attend a teh tarik session with the local community. I was greeted by some 50 irate residents, all armed with complaints. All things considered, the session went well and I jotted down some 10 complaints on my note book and must have spoken for 2 hours without a microphone. There were a lot of complaints on drains, dengue, roads, garbage etc. I had a hard time explaining that my main job is national public policy. But I promised to send in my staff, the councillor and the MBPJ officers Wednesday morning (Tuesday was a holiday).

So two days later, (yesterday morning) Mr. Ho (my MBPJ representative), Gillian (my new research officer) and my two brand new interns William and Ying Ning together with Liza, the very able councillor personal assistant, went bravely to meet the residents. Liza brought along MBPJ and the cleaning contractors. They recorded and photographed all the complaints. We spent two hours there. I think the residents were pleasantly surprised that we actually kept our word and took action.


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