• YB Wong Chen

PKNS Field Controversy

Around lunch today I was in the PKNS field in ss7 to give my full support to the residents opposed to a proposed sports complex project which is a joint venture between Melati Ehsan and PKNS.

I gave a speech and took part in a Q&A session. YB Darell Leiking, the MP for Penampang, Sabah was also there as a concerned citizen (he owns an apartment nearby). The local representatives led by Dato Esham and Dato Zulkifli did a good job organising the event and Citizen Nades, the reporter was also present.  SS15 Community Forum

My office will be issuing 3 letters by the end of the week. One to the MB to ask him to intervene and order PKNS not to develop this project. A letter to PKNS to give full disclosure of events and status of project. Lastly, a letter to the Police for an update of a corruption allegation against persons involved in this debacle.

When the letters are issued, I will forward copies to the residents. YB Nik Nazmi, my ADUN and Exco of Selangor will be working with my office and lobby the state to stop this project.