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PKR officially supports Amanah!

Better late than never. Last night, PKR finally and officially supports Amanah for Sungai Besar! Tonight, Kak Wan is expected to be in Kuala Kangsar.

Since last week, I was in a few Pakatan Harapan election preparation meetings on Sungai Besar. So it is with a personal big sigh of relief that PKR makes this late but principled stand.

Suffice to say, those who want to continue to support PAS, have the liberty to do so. But please no more pretending, be a real man and state your position. I have consistently and openly supported Pakatan Harapan and treat Amanah and DAP members as my brothers and sisters. Even during the Sarawak Elections debacle, I stood my ground.

ULTIMATELY, the choices we make and the actions we take as elected representatives will be noted and remembered by the rakyat. We all have to answer to those who put their trust in us to make decisions on their behalf. As MPs, we must always remember that our sole purpose is to make Malaysia better for all.



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