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Police Raid MACC

Good morning Malaysia. More bad news (we don’t even get a break from bad news on the weekends).

The talk around political circles yesterday morning is that Najib is about to strike back and that the police has started to investigate the investigators on 1MDB. That talk has now become reality with the police raiding MACC and Attorney General offices.

This can only happen in Malaysia boleh-land.

Consider the chain of events.

(a) 1MDB scandal reaches boiling point and pressures the PM.

(b) PM says he has done nothing wrong and then agrees to set up several investigation teams (Police, Auditor General, MACC, Bank Negara, PAC).

(c) WSJ story breaks open and investigations reach half way point. Key 1MDB players flee and cannot be found.

(d) The Edge closes shop, DPM is out, new AG, PAC stops and now investigators are being investigated.

Hollywood movie also cannot fight this plot.

I think all Malaysians must put maximum effort to locate Jho Low and ask him to call his Hollywood friends to make this into a movie. But I think it will be a bit susah for Paris Hilton to play the role of Rosmah.


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