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Policy, Policy, Policy

I am spending the morning slowly editing and expanding on some policy papers. Editing is a somewhat painful process. My research officer Nadirah and then intern Tania, supported me as we worked at breakneck speed to complete policy papers on politics, economics and social matters in May. We worked the entire month of May and produced a good body of work.

So after a few of months of rest and with fresh eyes, I started revisiting the entire draft yesterday. My new intern Louise and I finished the rewrite of the first 15 pages yesterday. I did six pages of heavy rewrite this morning and am taking a break.

Rewriting policies and passing on policy knowledge to my staff and interns is my means of doing something productive. It also takes my mind off the political nonsense happening in Malaysia. It is one thing to deal with Najib, it is another thing altogether to deal with party directions that are beyond my control.

I have therefore redirected my staff to focus on volunteerism rather than engage in “politics of opportunism”. Abigail, my community officer has been working hard on volunteerism and I am extremely happy to note that she has blossomed to her new found calling.


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