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Post-Mortem of Medical Camp in Desa Mentari

This is the post mortem of our free health clinic last Sunday in Desa Mentari 2.

Here are the basic facts and data.

Findings: 183 Patients, 91% were senior citizens 60% had existing conditions and 40% wanted a general check up and screening 38% were diabetic 25% high blood pressure/hypertension 54% had joint aches 4% had serious fungal infection Most medications given were vitamins, painkillers and diabetic medicine

Conclusions: More regular screening activities needed Most patients were on traditional medication Most consumed excessive sugar and starch (white rice) Fungal infections caused by poor environment and low hygiene standards Joint aches caused by non fuctioning lifts and broken staircases

Action Plan: We need to educate the residents to consume less sugar and white rice We need to repair the lifts in Desa Mentari We need to improve sanitation and garbage collection


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