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Prof Aziz Bari Joins DAP and Abun Sui, the hero of Bakun

It’s been a nervous and uncertain day for many. What will unfold today in politics?

However, my office has been very busy with a visit from ABUN SUI, my friend from Sarawak. He is here for a short visit and we have mobilised the entire office to assist him for the coming Sarawak state elections.

We are crunching data and refining strategies. We are also doing some design work for posters and banners. It is crucial we get everything ready now, instead of floundering last minute on the eve of an election.

On the news of Professor Aziz Bari leaving PKR to join DAP, I wish him the best. When he was in PKR, we used to discuss constitutional issues. His book on the Malaysian constitution is a very good book and is a rich source of information. He is also known for not owning a handphone.

Prof. Aziz stood on the PKR ticket as a Parliamentary candidate for Sabak Bernam, Selangor in 2013. We had very high hopes for him. It is a loss for PKR when a man of such talent leaves. A few weeks ago, sastrawan A Samad Said, despite being a very close friend of Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, also opted to join DAP. But at least in consolation, he is moving to our ally. Internally, PKR will need to look into why we are losing such talents in Selangor.

In particular, I salute Prof. Aziz for his loyalty and bravery, standing up for Kak Wan in her quest to be MB Selangor. He took the position that the Sultan has no choice but appoint her as MB. Aziz Bari risked police arrest for saying that “only God, not the Sultan of Selangor, has absolute power”.

Good bye my friend and good luck.


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