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Program Baik Pulih Sekolahku

March 16, 2019

Good evening everyone! Kevin Ling here, the new officer of P104. YB Wong Chen has requested that I write about our Program Baik Pulih Sekolahku 2019.

This morning, we met with the headmasters and YDP PIBG of all 51 schools under our constituency. The meeting was held to introduce our venture for the year, Program Baikpulih Sekolahku. This allocation was given by the PMO and our office acts as the liaison between the PMO and the school.

The allocation are expected to be used for all kinds of repair works and upgrades needed in order to facilitate better learning environment for our students.

As such, the amount of works required a full mobilisation from the office; let me take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues who are committed and professional, Paul Mae, Dhinaa and Tina. And not to forget our super dedicated interns, Diana, Shaiyla, Alethea, and Aaron. On top of that, we thank our councillors Jen, George, Fitri, and representative Oscar for their support.

We have been focusing on this project for quite some time now and it is our hope to witness that our efforts will bear its fruits eventually by allowing the students to sit and learn in a safe and comfortable environment, and that the schools can carry out its important mandate – education, without needing to worry for the necessity such as infrastructure.

More updates to come!


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