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Program Penerangan: Rakyat Hakim Negara

This morning Parliament resumes.

I met up with YB Charles Santiago (DAP) and YB Raja Bahrin (PAS) for a quick breakfast before the start of the session. We talked about several issues including Anwar’s final trial on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If Anwar goes to jail, Pakatan Rakyat MPs will have to agree on a new Opposition Leader.

Later tonight, on the eve before Anwar’s trial there are 3 events; the Akta Hasutan dinner in MBPJ, the UM students gathering and PKR Youth Subang Jaya 3k stadium. Together with Nik Nazmi and Hannah Yeoh, I will be in the 3k stadium event which starts at 8pm. The event will feature several Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Anwar Ibrahim will also be there to deliver a message to the rakyat.


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