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Projek Baikpulih Sekolahku 2019 (PBS)

Last Saturday, our office had a briefing to update the schools on the progress of PBS and also hand out welfare cheques to all 51 schools in the Subang constituency to be distributed to 35 low-income students from each school. The hand over of cheques was part of our annual welfare program. This year we decided to spend 60% of our welfare allocation to help low-income students with their school meals. We gave RM100 per student.

After the cheque handover ceremony, YB Wong Chen gave the schools a presentation to explain the delay encountered in PBS. As the deadline for project application is fast approaching, we wanted to give the schools a rigorous explanation as to why there is a hold up in their project submissions and assure them that our office is doing everything we can to expedite the submission process. Initially, we only had one engineer from Pejabat Daerah Tanah Petaling (PDT Petaling) handling all the schools under YB Wong Chen’s constituency. It was very time-consuming for one engineer to visit and prepare bills of quantities (BQ) for all 51 schools. However, after multiple requests to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), who has taken on the role to monitor this project, they have agreed to give us an additional engineer to accelerate BQ preparation. Now the project submissions are moving at a slightly faster pace than before and our office is working closely with the PMO and PDT Petaling to see to it that the projects are completed by the end of this year.


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