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Public Accounts Committee workshop

3rd of August – Good morning. I am now in my third day of Public Accounts Committee workshop organised by the UK government. We will end the workshop at 5 pm today.

Yesterday, we had our meetings in Parlimen Malaysia. Speaker Dato Ariff and PAC Chairperson Dato Noraini hosted three workshop sessions which started at 9 am and ended at 5.30 pm. We had role playing as well as briefings. I had many discussions with South Asian MPs, and shared our stories of the multitude of challenges to fight corruption and wastage.

After the event, I hosted three senior Hong Kong lawmakers to dinner with my family at Madam Kwan’s, to let them sample a variety of Malaysian food. We had a good discussion on politics and gained insights on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

However this meant that I had to skip the 8 pm Teh Tarik Session in Jalan Puteri 12, Bandar Puteri with YB Ng Sze Han. My apologies to the the organisers. I also want to thank Mr Gabriel, a volunteer in my office, who attended the Teh Tarik event on my behalf.


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