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Rafizi’s OSA Trial: The Verdict

10.16 am

I am in court this morning for Rafizi’s trial. The court room air con is not working and it’s full house with many standing. Rafizi greeted us and smiled. Many senior leaders and MPs are here. Several elderly women are reading prayers. The judge has come in and will deliver his judgment soon.


10.18 am

The judge starts by attacking Rafizi’s position by focusing on the video of his press conference on 1MDB and LTAT. The judge is NOT referring to Rafizi’s testimony in court. Not a good start.

10.23 am

The judge Zulqarnain bin Hassan rules Rafizi guilty. He relied on a video. He ignored the very basic issue of the actual OSA evidence was never tendered for verification by the witnesses. This is a fundamental error.


10.40 am

Raf said he expected the ruling and vows to appeal and fight on. Gobind is now engaging the judge on a point in preparation of Rafizi’s appeal. Gobind is also presenting mitigating factors on sentencing.

10.56 am

Malaysian justice. When Gobind was delivering his point the judge slowly made notes and kept repeating Gobind’s words. However when the public prosecutor presented his points, the judge suddenly demonstrated his ability as a very fast and efficient typist, not for once interrupting the arguments for clarification. He took notes so fast, we have to give him a medal for efficiency.

11.15 am

The judge Zulkarnain bin Hassan sentences Rafizi to 18 months + 18 months, to run concurrently. It will destroy Rafizi’s political career by removing him as a candidate in GE14. We will appeal. Lawan tetap lawan.

1.19 pm

Rafizi is in the process of posting bail and has to stay in lock up. He should be released in an hour or so. Gobind is briefing his team and preparing the appeal documents.


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