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“Rajinnya”, our MACC!

It is very good to know that the MACC has been working very hard to seize corrupt monies and assets. Keep it up!

According to Malaysiakini, the MACC boss Dzulkifli claims that RM21.43 million has been seized this year up till September and that represents a 400% increase from last year. He said the amount is “staggering”.

A 400% increase means that the entire last year, you only managed to recover a miserable RM5 million!

Also your liberal use of the word “staggering” is absolutely misleading. Staggering means something very difficult to believe.

RM21 million is not staggering-lah, however RM2.6 billion is indeed staggering! What is even more staggering is the US$1 billion (RM4.3 billion) that is in the US DoJ that your government has yet to request to be returned to Malaysia.


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