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Response to Willie Mongin

I just got calls from reporters to comment on a Facebook posting by Willie Mongin. Willie alleges that I instructed him stay quiet (on the GST RM19 billion hearings of the PAC) and to “let DAP handle it”.

Firstly, I have never instructed Willie not to do his duty as a PAC member. Surely, I cannot be blamed for his silence and under performance as a PAC member. In fact, I recall that he was mostly quiet in PAC hearings. The public records of all his PAC hearings are proof.

Secondly, he is in Azmin’s camp and my relationship with Azmin has been on negative territory since 2016. So why would an Azmin core supporter ever take instructions from me?

Thirdly, my position on the RM19 billion GST are officially recorded in Hansards. I can say that I was the most critical member of the PAC on these particular hearings. To say that I instructed Willie to keep quiet, does not match with my own critical views and questions which were also officially recorded.

I expect Willie to publicly retract his comments about me in his FB post and also offer an apology to me.


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