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Rice, Rice, Baby

Good evening, Nadirah here! Last weekend, Abigail, Tania, and I were forced to go on vacation were tasked with conducting ground research on paddy farmers for the office’s policy paper on agriculture. So after the emotional roller coaster on the last day of Parliament, the three of us zoomed off to Alor Setar to interview and gather data from several prominent individuals in the paddy industry.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we have eight, so that’s 8,000 words! A big shout out to YB Gooi Hsiao Leung, Captain Zakariah and Felix of Sri Lovely – Lembah Organik Kampung Lintang, and Misters Fahmi and Fuad for their willingness to share valuable knowledge on the troubles of paddy farming.

Also we’d like to apologise to Tania’s Myvi, whom we named “the Tank” for testing its speed limits. We won’t do it again.


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