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RM2.6 billion: The Strange Stories

The RM2.6 billion donation story is getting stranger and stranger. Yesterday, Muhyiddin asked what happened to the donation, implying that the money was not used for GE13 after all.

Today, Malaysiakini reports that Sarawak Report alleged that, after GE13 and on 30th August 2013, the bulk of the “donation” (some USD 650 million) was transferred to Singapore. Sarawak Report also alleged that Najib’s bank account in Ambank was then closed on the same day after the transfer of money to Singapore.

Who knows what is true and what is not? Only two persons can independently verify this, one person is Governor Zeti of Bank Negara and the other is her counterpart in the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

If Sarawak Report’s allegations are true, Bank Negara and MAS would have records of the money going out. If all these allegations are true, then it means that Najib had moved the donation money from UMNO’s election coffers. Moved to where and for what purpose?


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