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Sarawak Report’s Clare Brown barred from entering Sarawak

Best Government Spin of the Day. The government has banned Sarawak Report’s Clare Brown from entering Sarawak. It cannot and dare not take legal action against Sarawak Report because the website is based in London. Somehow according to Minister Anifah, we “practice” democracy.

The Malaysian Insider reports the following: Anifah said the government had not taken any action against the UK-based website even though it had been publishing stories tarnishing the country’s image. “We practice democracy, but some parties still claim we don’t give space for free speech,” he said.

“Sarawak Report has published many reports, but we have not taken any action,” he added. “Because the people want freedom of speech and freedom of media, we try to understand that,” he said during a buka puasa event in Putrajaya today.


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