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Saturday’s Community Events

19 October 2019

Today I had three community events. I attended two and due to a wrong location map sent by the organisers, I missed one. My apologies to Puchong Intan organisers, but I did arrive at the Google map site, drove around the area for 10 minutes but couldn’t find the event. And your person in charge did not answer my or my officers calls until I have left.

Nevertheless, I was at Bumi Hijau Program at 8.30 am, an event organised by MPSJ in Taman Wawasan 2/12, where we planted trees. The mayor Puan Noraini gave a speech on Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change! It is very good to know that at least in Malaysia, the municipalities are taking up the issue. I note that local governments worldwide are much more active on SDGs and Climate Action, than national governments. When I was in Kwangju, South Korea last year, the cities are also pushing for human rights ahead of national governments.

After that I attended the P3KU event in the Summit. I arrived at 10 am, to be told that the event will formally start at 11. Anyway, I had an hour to burn, so I went to every single booth to chat with the organisers. P3KU started by Jessie, is the most active support group in Subang Jaya that helps mentally handicapped children and youths.

Lastly, I attended the World Hakka Summit at Sunway Pyramid last night where Kak Wan gave a keynote speech. I am a Hakka (Hopo). But it was also great to catch up with Gillian, my ex officer who is now working for Kak Wan.

Tonight, I am hosting a simple dinner in my house for policy thinkers.


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