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Selamat Pagi!

With cheerful greetings of “Selamat pagiii!” and a flurry of door-knocks, our staff and interns brought the office to the doorsteps of Blok 3 Desa Mentari. Today, we covered most floors to gauge residents’ interest in our upcoming Family Portraits project. The plan is to take family photos in their homes, and gift them with these photos, nicely printed and framed up.

While many residents were away at work, we did manage to score 42 interested families. We’ll return in future on a Sunday, when everyone’s home, for the actual photoshoot. We’re looking for additional photographers (with own gear) and makeup artists to help the residents look and feel extra-special on the day—please shoot an email to me at if you’re interested in volunteering with us.

A big thank-you to En. Mazlan, Timb. Pengerusi Persatuan Penduduk Blok 3 Desa Mentari, for accompanying some of us as we went from home to home. And of course, our troop of interns were of great help to Nadirah and I; here’s what they think:

“I am very grateful to be able to help the community. This experience taught me a lot.”—Arielle

“I enjoy knocking on doors.”—Ivan

“Many of them were so welcoming and even invited us into their homes, despite being busy with their housekeeping and work.”—Leann

“I saw a lot of colourful walls today.”—Megan

“It’s not the first time I’ve been to Desa Mentari and it won’t be my last, but each time I go to Desa Mentari, I am reminded that it is my greatest blessing to serve the community and put a smile on their faces.”—Paul Mae

“Eye-opening, heart-breaking.”—Sebastian


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