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Service without Favour

This morning I was in PJS 6, Seri Setia for a ceremony to distribute free garbage bins organised by MBPJ. It was good to catch up with the local residents and banter about politics and cost of living. This area is dotted with low rise low cost flats and has a very easy feel of a kampung.

I met a senior citizen who came to my office last month asking for a support letter to treat an unusual skin disease. His hand was scratched by a cat and he developed scaly skin with pus. He was receiving hospital treatment for almost a year with no results.

We issued a letter to support to help his request for specialist treatment at UM. When I saw him this morning, his hand had a marked improvement and was dry. Out of the blue he gave me a hug. It is strange to be credited for writing a letter, but this is how things are. It is often the case that the rakyat just needs a bit of support to get real results.

This is why I always stress to my staff to serve the community to our best abilities. Then to pray for results. Since we have no money, we issue mostly letters to chase ministries, get answers and request for aid on behalf of our constituents. We are fully aware that the help we can give is very limited. Some ministries ignore our letters, some actually do pay heed. Never did I imagine this particular letter, ended up really helping this old man’s recovery.

Today we delivered some 500 garbage bins to the local residents. This program will continue next weekend at PJS 10.


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